Membership is started for "STARS YOGI"

  •  The Motto of STARS YOGI Spiritual Profession is to create a perfect Yogi as well as Humanitarian who work for the Nature and Man, for Vasudaika Kutumbham (Universal Family), for the Universal human being, for Science and for Spirituality.
  •  Through this program we want to create a synthesis between Science, Spirituality and Human being.
  •  It is a unique course introduced by the Master His Holiness Jaimahavibhoshri out of pure and unconditional love towards the mankind. The uniqueness of the course is that the content of the course is never ever taught by anyone in this existence.
We provide knowledge, right information and practice methods to all the members for acquiring the skills in Family, Personal, Professional, Social, Spiritual, Business, Political and all aspects of life.
Members of this program will be trained to achieve:
  • Unity
  • Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Equality
  • Humanity
  • Divinity
  • Celebrity
Starsyogi Course 12
Fee: Rs. 36000 | Course Duration: 3 Months
4 Classes per month on Every Tuesday,
Minimum 1hour to Maximum 4 hours
Mode: Online

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